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About Us

FUJING is a professional Gas stove and blender factory for more than 10 year's experience! Through continual efforts,we have been recognized as the leader of manufacturer on Gas Stove and blender items in Chinese industry.FUJING has integrated both of the production and marking as we specialize in both OEM and ODM services towards the global markets.

Through continuously development, FUJING has integrated designs for the series of many kinds of the stoves and blenders. And our products have been popularly distributed to South-East Asia, South America, Middle East, African, East-European countries.

Base on FUJING's experience on production and marking, trusted quality, reasonable prices and the best services,we have earned great reputation from our customers and been identified a reliable and loyal partner factory in China!FUJING, welcome and wait for you to come for setting up our cooperation with our strong sincerity!

Company Mission:We are partner, not just supplier!

We are partner, not just supplier!

Factory Center

Mobile Phone: +86-13392081262

TEL: +867503729505


Address: No.66, Tianyuan Road, Chaolian Industrial Zone, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China

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